Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

TR Logistics Group are proud in their service offerings, none more so than accommodating the requirement by our customers for VMI.Vendor Managed Inventory.jpg

Moving freight from A to B, whether the mode of transport is by Air, Road or Sea, is second nature to TR Logistics Group. For those customers who require just that little bit extra, our VMI offering may be just what they need. Vendor or Supplier Managed Inventory is a business model that TR Logistics Group transforms into actuality.

What is Vendor Managed Inventory?

Simply put - the supplier retains ownership of product, carries agreed inventory levels and delivers using TR Logistics Group as their preferred provider, just in time based upon their customers’ needs.

Sub Assembly

Within our VMI facilities we offer dedicated sub-assembly areas with defined processes and controls that guarantee just in time (JIT) defect free assemblies. It involves coordinating the supply chain of components and the assembly of those components to create a product.

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  • Capable, quality-controlled, and defect-free assembly process
  • Clean environment ensuring contamination-free parts
  • Fast time reaction to changes in orders and schedules
  • Product delivered on time
  • Press fits
  • Full range inspection
  • Packaging
  • Performance reporting

Kitting and Sequencing

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  • Increased efficiency of final assembly
  • Add value to your product
  • Visibility of material flow
  • Material inspection prior to kitting/sequencing
  • Bill of Material management
  • Individual component inventory control
  • Returnable packaging and packing materials management
  • Full reporting capabilities of delivery performance, inventory accuracy, and productivity

Packaging and Repackaging

At TR Logistics Group we understand that integrity and credibility of your product is paramount. Inventory must be delivered in packages just in time (JIT) reflecting customer specifications. We manage these requirements, the materials and dunnage when required to ensure this is always the case.

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  • Product delivered as if you were a local supplier
  • Packaging requirements
  • Product quality care and handling
  • Packaging materials management
  • Returnable packaging management
  • Dunnage management
  • Mixed load breakdowns

Reverse Logistics

At TR Logistics Group we manage the return of inventory from consumption point or end use to origin.

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  • Proven reliability
  • Proximity to customers
  • Visibility of material flow
  • Inventory cost control
  • Integrity and credibility throughout the supply chain
  • Flexibility to expedite
  • Flexibility to manage quality issues through supply chain
  • Warehousing
  • Freight forwarding
  • Packaging
  • Breakdown, disassembly, salvage
  • Customs clearance

Quality Auditing

TR Logistics Group's open door policy gives our customers confidence they can audit and inspect their inventory at any time, ensuring quality of their product is a given at all times whilst under our care. We provide:

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  • Data analysis
  • Customised reports
  • Audit management
  • Containment rework/salvage

Pre-Delivery Inspections

TR Logistics Group focus and commit to ensuring finished materials are unwavering before delivery to assembly line.

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  • Data analysis
  • Customised reports
  • Audit management
  • Containment Rework/salvage
  • Material handling supplier notification
  • Professional Engineering address when required
  • Reduces the need for return of product to origin
  • Minimises the risk of inventory falling below threshold levels

Controlled Warehousing

Where the requirement for controlled warehousing is needed TR Logistics Group embrace the concept.

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  • Contain suspect inventory under direction from our vendor
  • Identify the root cause of the defect
  • Communicate corrective actions under the direction of our vendor
  • Partner with our vendor to ensure conformance of suspect inventory prior to arrival at customers' delivery point
  • Providing the compliant engineering services where appropriate eliminating the need for inventory quarantine


TR Logistics Group realise that inventory can arrive and under the direction of the vendor must be returned to origin. We can diminish the pain a product recall can have on the vendor by offering solutions to solve the problems faced efficiently and effectively. Our professional team provide all the expertise that are required to address any given situation. Not only meeting but exceeding all your expectations.

Fiscal Representation

Allow TR Logistics Group to advise you on legal fiscal representation.

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We can:

  • Advise you on the process that allows you to competitively sell your products in Europe
  • Ensure you have full visibility of processes and transactions
  • Clarify the complexities of European tax matters
  • Offer expertise and experience in taxes and duty management

A member of the TR Logistics Group team would appreciate the opportunity to discuss any requirements relating to your VMI requests. This could be just a short phone call, email or a more detailed discussion. This consultation involves our VMI experts sitting down with you, at no charge and with no obligation, to learn about your challenges and provide you with ideas on ways to drive down costs and improve service.

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