TR Logistics Group - Combining the best of sea and air freight

Make savings, not promises

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By combining the lower costs of ocean freight with the speed of airfreight, TR Logistics Group can utilise our multimodal sea-air service to ensure your cargo gets to its destination within your allotted timeframe, matched by our highly competitive pricing.

Our team in Belfast, Northern Ireland are here to provide you with bespoke tailor-made sea-air solutions which meet your specific requirements. 

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Simple and easy documentation

Your sea-air shipments move under one thorough transport document, from origin via hub to the final destination, minimising the complexity of issuing different transportation documents. Furthermore, you can track and trace your shipments online, keeping a full visibility of shipments across ocean, air and road.  

Sea Air services that meet your rate and transit needs

By using a combination of sea and air freight, you bring added flexibility to your supply chain. TR Logistics Group helps companies find the right cost-time balance, maximizing the affordability of ocean movements with the urgency of air freight. We have partnerships with the world’s most reliable sea and air carriers, so we can offer seamless shipping from origin to destination, for one rate, under a single document. Our freight professionals identify the forwarding and logistics services that are best to help you meet your objectives. With personal service and a broader range of freight products, we make sure your supply chain finds the best balance between urgency and cost.

At TR Logistics Group we offer a seamless sea air movement which is flexible and adaptable, allowing for:

  • Significant freight savings
  • Options to extend or shorten supply chain
  • Manufacturing delays to be reduced
  • Meeting increased demand
  • Linked inventory levels and rate of sale to most appropriate transit

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