Palletised/Non-Palletised Cargo

TR Logistics Group – facilitating in the movement and storage of palletised and non palletised cargoesPalletised Cargo.jpg

We offer our customers advice and consultation relating to the safe transport of their product - whether the mode of transport utilised is Air, Road or Sea.

Products can lend themselves to being packed in single cartons or by definition require palletisation.

Ultimately the use of pallets greatly depends on the type of cargo that is to be transported.

The team here at TR Logistics Group are experts on the safe movement of cargoes and will ensure the credibility of your product throughout.

For instance, there are a few things for you to consider:

  • Pallet sizes matter hugely depend on the nature of the cargo, the optimal sized pallet is utilised to support the cargo consignments
  • The most commonly utilised pallet size is 120cm by 100cm or 48 inches by 40 inches (breadth by length)
  • Pallet structures of this size are very commonly used in transportation of cargoes in the Northern American shipping zone
  • European and Australian shipping sectors have their own specifically regulated pallet sizes
  • Alongside the sizing of the pallet structures, the material used to build the structures also becomes important. Using inferior materials could result in detrimental shipping, which would affect the trustworthiness of the shipper and the consignor, thereby affecting product credibility
  • The most ordinarily used component for shipping pallets is wood. However, there are various regulations that need to be addressed before a wooden pallet is approved for utilisation, without compliance and awareness regarding the packaging to certain countries your shipment could be rejected and returned to origin at your expense
  • Apart from wood; steel, paper, and even plastic are used as viable structures for cargo consignments’ palletising

Palletised Cargo 2.jpgA member of the TR Logistics Group team would appreciate the opportunity to discuss any requirements relating to the securing of your cargo to ensure the integrity of your shipment is not compromised in any way. This could be just a short phone call, email or a more detailed discussion. This consultation involves our logistics experts sitting down with you, at no charge and with no obligation, to learn about your logistics challenges and then provide you with ideas on ways to drive down costs and improve service.

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