Shipper’s Guide to Duties and Taxes

Duties Calculated

Whether a shipment is a gift or not, it must still go through an import procedure as determined by custom’s law in the destination country. The shipment is cleared through customs based on the origin country, the value and quantity. Dutiable shipments are subject to a customs duty, which is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders.

The calculation of duties depends on the assessable value of a dutiable shipment. For the purpose of this calculation, dutiable goods are given a classification code that is known as the Harmonized System code.

This system has been assigned by the World Customs Organization and continues to evolve.

Who is Responsible for Payment?

The payment of duties and taxes is typically the responsibility of the receiver, although TR Express does offer the opportunity account holders to pay for them on behalf of the receiver.

In that case, after shipment delivery TR Express invoices customers for the duties and taxes we paid on their behalf at destination, plus a small administration fee. This optional service is called Duties and Taxes Paid (DTP).

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