Bonded Warehousing

TR Logistics Group offer our customers 500,000 square feet of warehousing. If you need a little or a lot...Vendor Managed Inventory.jpg

Our bonded warehousing facilities ensure that your product is held within a secure warehouse facility that is governed by HMRC rules and regulations.

Companies that export and import products, materials and items abroad commonly use bonded warehousing facilities to store their products. Using our kind of warehousing facility is an optional service, however businesses that would like to ensure that their products are safely and legally delivered to their customers shouldn't think twice to avail of our bonded warehousing services.

As a smart business owner you should check out the following benefits that we the TR Logistics Group offer our customer as a given when it comes to warehousing:

  • Within our bonded storage facility, the payment of VAT and duty are deferred until the product has been removed.
  • Our warehouse facilities have the equipment and storage systems that will ensure the credibility of your product is not exposed. Our warehousing solutions will certainly suit any kind of business from any kind of industry.
  • Our clients will save money and increase cash flow, since taxes are deferred whilst product is held in our bonded facilities.
  • TR Logistics Group bonded warehouse facilities focus on safety and security - there are paramount security systems in place to ensure all goods held within our bonded facilities are monitored 24 hours a day, every day.
  • There is specific monitoring for those products that may dictate this eg. refrigerated items.
  • We operate and use the most updated and efficient security systems, bar coding systems and inventory systems to ensure that all goods stored are well documented and preserved. All bespoke to our customers’ requirements.
  • No matter how small or how big, how irregularly shaped or whether you are storing perishable items - our bonded warehouses accommodate all types of products, goods and materials.

If you would like a total logistics and warehousing solution for your product, you do not need to look any further. We offer an all in one warehousing solution for our customers.

Warehousing does not have to be complicated and we aspire not to make it so.

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