TR Logistics Group can deliver on the huge range of products and services required for roads, bridges, rail, airports, housing, energy, education and healthcare projects in Great Britain and beyond.

Construction Industry Logistics

Northern Ireland has a strong background in construction and provide innovative solutions at local, national and international levels delivering to major world renowned projects. TR Logistics Group, Belfast, have assisted in building on this success.

We are acutely aware of the challenges faced within this industry:

  • Time constraints
  • Changing nature of considerations
  • Government regulations
  • Environmental concerns
  • High competition

TR Logistics Group present themselves as a solution to what can be seen as problems or challenges to this industry. The construction industry requires a logistics provider who is in sync with the challenges that they face. We can assist and overcome through a common set of principles, strategies, policies and performance metrics by:

  • Managing Information
  • Material Flows
  • Being in sync with Plant Operations requirements

If materials which are needed in any given construction project do not arrive in the right place on time, it can delay schedule, increase the cost of construction and reduce productivity. We allow for successful project management within your industry.

A member of the TR Logistics Group team would appreciate the opportunity to discuss any requirements relating to your industry requests. This could be just a short phone call, email or a more detailed discussion. This consultation involves our experts sitting down with you, at no charge and with no obligation, to learn about your challenges and provide you with ideas on ways to drive down costs and improve service.

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