Logistics Services for the Aerospace and Defence Sector

The aviation and defence industries reflect TR Logistics Group, sharing a value and commitment to excellence optimisation.

Our industry is your business.

Northern Ireland is at home with this industry; with over 60 companies engaged at the leading edge of advanced aerospace design and manufacturing on a global stage.

The aviation and defence industries are unique in that they constantly require the safe and efficient transportation of oversized and valuable goods. Safely moving items such as airframe sub-assembly parts, engines, helicopters, brakes, landing gears and nacelles.

In order to maintain world class performance and competitiveness, innovation requires a high achieving service provider who can build on YOUR track record. That partner is TR Logistics Group. We can surpass your expectations.


We allow you to concentrate on what you do best – whether that lends itself to:

  • Supplying raw materials
  • Supplying components
  • Supplying kit
  • Supplying international tools of trade
  • Composites design and manufacturing
  • Advanced metal forming
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Seating and interiors
  • Design and stress
  • Tooling design and manufacturing

TR Logistics Group provides transportation and logistics services across all segments of your industry's supply chain; from managing the inbound flow of goods into production plants to providing spare parts for aircraft on ground. The list is endless. The aerospace and defence industries face escalating commodity prices, increasing competition, stricter safety regulations and higher value inventories. We can provide the control and visibility required to optimise inventories and increase efficiencies for these unique industries.

By focusing on your unique challenges and opportunities, we ensure our solution is appropriate now and improved every year by:

  • Creating your solution
  • Managing your objectives
  • Delivering on results

Co-ordinating from origin, raw materials and components - we create a supply chain solution that is transparent. We can provide kitting and packing solutions and materials management to plan and call off components from suppliers to ensure the timely delivery direct to the point of production.

Whether you are outsourcing existing operations or creating new ones, TR Logistics Group are committed to providing a comprehensive range of cost – and time – effective solutions:

  • Inbound receipt, inspection and quality control
  • Complete stock management
  • Outbound picking, packing and shipping fulfilment
  • Full audit tracking by part and serial numbers
  • Transportation co-ordination
  • Governance and Compliance

A member of the TR Logistics Group team would appreciate the opportunity to discuss any requirements relating to your industry requests. This could be just a short phone call, email or a more detailed discussion. This consultation involves our experts sitting down with you, at no charge and with no obligation, to learn about your challenges and provide you with ideas on ways to drive down costs and improve service.

Contact us to discuss your requirements at info@tr-logistics.com, or call on +44 (0) 28 9037 3700.

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