Customs Clearance

TR Logistics Group came into being originally as a Freight forwarder, its area of expertise began and exists to this day as that of a customs clearance agent or broker.

Customs and frontier controls

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Organisations such as HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Rural Payments Agency have an interest in UK frontier or border controls. Many products crossing the UK frontier will be subject to some types of licensing and control - some products may be prohibited from entering at all.

One of the main services we offer to our clients is to arrange customs clearance of goods crossing the frontier. This relates to goods whether they are being imported or exported.

We have invested heavily on the specific software that communicates with the HMRC central computer, CHIEF. With nearly all HMRC functions and communications becoming electronic, the special software for reporting and payments is now a mandatory requirement.

Customs Clearance is an extremely complex process. TR Logistics Group are hand in hand with all the compliant software required which, mirrored by our highly experienced in-house brokerage team can navigate and assist you whatever your location, UK, Europe or International. It is our job to navigate you through the process to ensure you receive your goods in the quickest possible timeframe whilst adhering to all the rules and regulations within the law as laid down by HMRC.

Whether your goods are arriving or departing via air, road or sea and require customs clearance; have peace of mind by contacting TR Logistics Group in the very first instance. You will be safe in the knowledge that the very highest quality of customer service is afforded to you from beginning to end of the process.

It is our attention to the small print as laid down by all of the above that ensures the clearance process is compliant at all times, allowing you the quickest access to your goods and ensuring that any applicable duties and VAT are no more or less than they should be.

  • We offer free advice and guidance on all complex customs documentation and give specific instruction to ensure your submissions can be promptly processed.

  • TR Logistics Group provide bonded warehouse facilities where shipments are held securely and in compliance with HMRC whilst the clearance process is being completed.

  • Whatever your need import needs, TR Logistics Group can make the process less complex and more transparent.

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Our knowledge covers, but is certainly not limited to the following...

  • ATA and CPD carnets for temporary imports and exports
  • Agriculture, horticulture and fisheries: international trade regulations
  • Aid Funded Business
  • Animals and animal products: international trade regulations
  • Automatic import and export licence verification
  • Binding Tariff
  • Certificates of Free Sale
  • Union Transit: moving goods between two EU territories
  • Customs Freight Simplified Procedures
  • Customs procedures when transporting goods by road
  • Customs warehousing
  • CPC – Customs Procedure Codes
  • Defence and security exports: regulations and restrictions
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • Duty suspensions
  • Duty Relief Procedures
  • Economic Operator Registration and Identification scheme
  • Embargoes and sanctions
  • End-Use Relief
  • Exporting goods outside the EU
  • Exporting military goods
  • Export Licenses
  • Home Use
  • Tariff Classification
  • Import Control System
  • Import and export clothing, footwear and fashion: international trade regulations
  • Import export services: Advice and guidance
  • Imports from outside the EU
  • Import Licenses
  • Inter Community Movements
  • International trade paperwork
  • International trade regulations
  • Inward Processing
  • Letters of credit for importers and exporters
  • Other types of open general export licence
  • Outward Processing Relief
  • Returned Goods Relief
  • Management Support System (MSS)
  • Taking part in a trade fair or exhibitions - international trade regulations
  • Temporary admission
  • Temporary exportation and re-importation
  • Temporary importation
  • Temporary storage for imports
  • The National Export System for export declarations
  • The New Computerised Transit System:
  • The Single Administrative Document for import and export
  • Trade preference agreements: import and export
  • Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP)

A member of the TR Logistics Group team would appreciate the opportunity to discuss any requirements relating to your customs clearance requests whether that refers to export or import. This could be just a short phone call, email or a more detailed discussion. This consultation involves our experts sitting down with you, at no charge and with no obligation, to learn about your customs clearance requirements and provide you with ideas on ways to drive down costs and improve service.

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